Sinus Electronic introduces a new
and complete product range for the European Military

Sinus’ Sentinel range includes the following
product series types:

Customised module for overvoltage protection

Customised passive lowpass filter against high frequenz interference

Customised coax LC-Filter with lowpass caracteristic

Customised housing system with extremly high attenuation

This level of advanced technology positions Sinus Electronic as a unique provider to the Military market in the field of Total Protection against all kinds of interference in compact package solutions manufactured to the highest quality standards:

VG (Bundeswehr)
MIL-STD (US-Defence Department)

Sinus has a long history of supporting NATO programs and operates
under their suppliers code: C 3563
This code enables both Sinus and its NATO Partners to provide full
traceability on all products supplied back to our manufacturing source.
Sinus is a DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 registered company

The Sentinel system